Technopreneur®‘an Entrepreneur who uses Technology to grow his or her business fast and profitable’.

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Technopreneur® is a word coined by Dr. RM Sudhakar, Ph.D. who is an entrepreneur and uses technology to grow his group of business grow fast and profitable. Technopreneur® aim is to empower the Entrepreneurs with the right & successful mindset to make an impact in this world. Also shows how Information Technology (IT) can assist them in their journey of making the difference in this world.

Technopreneur Services

Empowering you to be a Technopreneur is our motto and below Services and Offerings shall ensure you gear up with the right Mindset & Technology.

Consulting for Growth

Right Consultants who are experts in Business & Technology shall support you in your advantageous decisions for success.

Mentoring & Coaching

Technopreneur has the seasoned Mentors based on the industry domain & Great Leader is made from continuous learning and Coaching.


Here are few quick resources to get you started to grow fast and profitable in an easiest way by just watching a movie or listening to the audio or reading the books or blog.

Products & Solutions

Technology Solutions that shall gear you up to start reaping the benefits to attain the main objective of Growing Fast & Profitable.

Be a Technopreneur

If you have availed any service from EBSL group, then you are already an Technopreneur! Go ahead and explore the benefit or you shall get the personalized updates to help you in your Business Growth. Or You can contact us to avail the benefits.

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